Freddy Morezon

Born in Toulouse in 2002, Freddy Morezon is a collective of artists and musicians.

The collective currently includes a dozen of musicians who are responsible for the artistic direction of the structure and work in close collaboration with the office team. Freddy Morezon's artistic line is very diverse, the members all have a taste for creative music, for the crossing of aesthetics, jazz, rock, contemporary music, noise, experimental music... Their musical language is shaped by years of collective practice, by experimentation and improvisation. In all the projects of the collective, one finds the reappropriation of forms, a furious desire for diversion of the repertoires. To say things differently, to surprise, to propose and to explore crossroads, constitutes the singular identity of Freddy Morezon.

Three activity sectors

Promotion / booking : 20 years of activity assure Freddy Morezon’s a strong booking network on both national and international scales.

Record label : Facing the artistic richness and originality of the collective, Freddy Morezon creates its own record label Mr Morezon in 2006. Today it has about thirty albums distributed by Orkhêstra International. Freddy Morezon also works with labels Buda Musique, NoT A PuB, Babel Label and Tractor Notown.

Cultural Mediation : In their will to come out of the form of frontal representation, the artists of the collective develop projects in which creation, diffusion, and transmission meld into interaction with diverse publics overlap.


Institutional parteners

Civil societies


Label partners

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Eela Laitinen, Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte, Guillaume Malvoisin, Christophe Blanc, Sarah Innocenti, G.W. Sok, Virginie Laidin, Rovo, Marc Démereau


Jean-Baptiste Bucau, Guillaume Mounié, Pierre Fleygnac, Piéro Pépin, Fabien Duscombs, Sophie Bernard, Julien Leslé, Alain Julien, Benoît Guillaume, Gilles Vidal, Emmanuel Bles, Titi Costes, Bob Mauranne, Boris Have, Stephanie Ailloud, Framboise Esteban, Jean-Guy Chenu, Pieter Offringa, David Gaborit, Rémi Angeli, Hannes Schneider, Mandy Valentine, Jean-Yves Perraudin, François Serveau, AngelosDelsis, Laurent Moulédous, Pierre-Olivier Boulant, Isabelle Gonnaud, Hélène Collon, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Laura Mandretta, Séverine Juillet, Bertrand Fraysse, Sarah Innocenti, Marion Piel, G. W. Sok, Julien Bourgeois, Robin Kobrynski, Saul Memeteau, Franck Morinière, Sylvain Gripoix, Olia Eichenbaum, Franck Alix, Eela Laitinen


Leïla Morouche, Claire Hugonnet, Christina Hallström, Fabien "Fabix" Rabeaux, Eric Le Pottier, Jonas Lopez, Paul Hemerick, Karine Pain, Laure Müller-Feuga, Guillaume Pique


Marion Piel and Sarah Innocenti