Eela Laitinen

Eela (Eveliina) Laitinen is a Finnish artist living in Toulouse.
After studying art at the Helsinki Art High School, she left her home town to go to Scotland. There she studied textile design for three years before settling in the South of France.

The wild landscapes of the North, the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean sea and Japanese art are major sources of inspiration for her paintings, which are often imbued with magical landscapes where the waters bubble and the forests teem with myths and dreamlike creatures...

To bring her artistic visions to life, she uses a multitude of drawing and painting techniques, including Indian ink, watercolour, collage, silk painting and sewing.

Navigating somewhere between painting, textiles, live performance and graphic design, she is constantly seeking to expand her artistic horizons.
She regularly shares her art and techniques through a variety of artistic mediation projects and workshops.