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Giulio Tosti : organ
Marc Démereau : baritone saxophone
Marc Maffiolo : bass saxophone
Florian Nastorg : bass saxophone

Tubi Nebulosi

No Noise No Reduction & Giulio Tosti

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Tubi Nebulosi (2022)

No Noise No Reduction & Giulio Tosti

In 2021, the organist Giulio Tosti was invited to the Toulouse (FR) organ festival (Toulouse Les Orgues) to perform his solo Nebula.
Before his concert, he was offered a one week residency in the Eglise du Gesu, in order to familiarize with the Cavaillé-Coll organ (built in 1864) and the acoustics of the church. During this week, he also organised several encounters and improv sessions with Toulouse based musicians – one of which was with No Noise No Reduction.
This encounter gave birth to Tubi Nebulosi. The telluric quartet, composed of organ, baritone sax and two bass sax, alternates alienating and extremely subtle moments with angry and bestial explosions, always remaining coherent with itself and using an improvisational language.

In July 2022, the quartet performed at the Jazz à Luz Festival (FR).

The telluric abyss opens up at last.
If you explore it, you will find the lions den, assembled in a noisy factory.
If you continue, you will arrive at the harbour where boats undulate gently in a sea torn by ice.
And there, a distant and mysterious song will reach your ears.

Giulio Tosti