Kill Your Idols

L'envol ne finit jamais(création 2021)

L'Envol ne finit jamais (Creation 2021)

Kill Your Idols meet Fred Frith en lui passant la commande d'une composition sur (dé)mesure.

Wishing to pursue the search for this singular ensemble sound acquired by triturating Sonic Youth’s music, the band Kill Your Idols aspires today to interpret an unusual creative music, by granting an experimental composer this "Know How to Make Sound". Multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser, Fred Frith has been making noise for 50 years. He is best known as a pioneering electric guitarist and improviser, songwriter and composer for film, dance and theater. Moving from powerful rock to experimental music, from sonic research to popular melodies, from radical forms to open writing, and always at the service of an extraordinary artistic coherence, Fred remains the musician and composer who has written an inescapable page in the history of alternative music since the end of the 20th century.

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