Enregistrement du concert au Petit Faucheux / mars 2019


Press review


Christine Wodrascka : piano
Betty Hovette : piano


D'une Extrême à l'Autre

("From one extreme to another")


Iana - D'une extrême à l'autre (création 2017)

Iana is an entity of two identities. Two opposed pianos that mix together – or oppose, and become a single sound and a material in movement. Two women both carrying polychromatic musical stories. Their encounter puts in practice a de-partitioning of genres and musical universes. It is a transidiomatic decompartmentalization research with a desire to shake up the consciousnesses, a research in which nothing is compressed. It is an invitation for beauty of austerity, a dive into the gentle unknown, in reaction to a world where everything is designed, sanitized and under control. Across their obsessional exploration of gesture and sonorous cluster, the two pianists provoke a burst of energy, without drifting or falling into complacency. All this in the hope of arousing the auditor’s most active listening.