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    In Spirit -

    Bouche à Oreille, Simorre - 21h00 -

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    In Spirit -

    Festival Jazz sur son 31, Toulouse

Retrouvez la pianiste Betty Hovette dans ce podcast de France Musique " La nuit de l'improvisation " avec des extraits de sa carte blanche à Jazz À Luz 2023 (à écouter à partir de 56'52")


Betty Hovette : piano
Fabien Duscombs : batterie
Sébastien Bacquias : contrebasse



In Spirit

Tribute to Don Pullen

Don Pullen embodies a kind of ideal for In Spirit. There is no question of letting oneself be locked into stylistic “boxes”. Jazz, classical, popular music, art, singing, contemporary, written music, improvised music, blues, electronic, European or American music etc.? What do these categories mean aside from tacking labels onto practices that, ultimately, thwart any flourishing?
For Betty Hovette, Sébastien Bacquias, and Fabien Duscombs, and in the wake of Don Pullen’s work, it is better to give free rein to one’s artistic desires.
So, Don Pullen as a model, and not as an influence. For this threesome, it is a matter of undertaking the spirit much more than sticking to the letter, in other words of following his example of independence and artistic integrity rather than seeking to copy the great pianist. In this sense, without depriving themselves of interpreting in their own way some of his compositions, the three musicians offer music that relies on a strategy of lying in wait. Anchored in the moment ; in that way, neither knows beforehand what will be highlighted by the other two: a composition by Don Pullen, another theme, free improvisation, improvising within a framework, solo, duo, trio?
Each concert, ultimately, turns out to be a kind of “organism”, with a life of its own, making it impossible to replicate in the following concert. The result is an electrical energy that can sharpen the attention and sensations of its audiences.
So, Don Pullen as a model? Much more as a springboard !

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Une coproduction Freddy Morezon et Jazz Pyr.
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