• 21

    No Noise No Reduction -

    Le Poinçonneur, Toulouse - 20h00 -

  • 22

    No Noise No Reduction -

    Bouche à Oreille, Simorre - 21h00 -




Marc Démereau : baritone saxophone
Marc Maffiolo : bass saxophone
Florian Nastorg : bass saxophone

No Noise No Reduction

A trio of rockers who did not make a mistake with the choice of instruments: two bass saxophones and a baritone sax!
Marc Démereau (Le Tigre des Platanes, Cannibales et Vahinés, La Friture Moderne), Marc Maffiolo (L'Orchestre en Or, Agafia...) and Florian Nastorg (PIAK, Ostaar Klaké, BDC La Belle...) explore on the saxophone, a very "sonorous" rock, focused on matter and raw energy. They exhume the sound of the 90s via Sonic Youth, Melvins, This Heat, Lightning Bolt... and surf on the free heritage of the 70s.